BioDiesel Production Equipment

AGEPL is offering ISM's efficient, cost-effective, clean and waterless modular biodiesel production platform for small to mid-scale production applications. Committed to addressing the world’s environmental and socio-economic issues with biodiesel production technology, ISM is a world leader with patented waterless biodiesel processors.

ISM is one of the few companies that have successfully built and installed high-capacity, waterless wash biodiesel production facilities that have reliably and consistently produced biodiesel that meets stringent U.S., European and Indian quality specifications.

Superior and sophisticated technology from the world leader in biodiesel technology

Feature Description Competitive Edge
Plants with ISM technology are in operation in the U.S., Germany, Romania, and soon in India.
33 processing lines, worldwide.

Validates our engineering and construction quality, production rates and processor dependability.
Ion resin catalyst allows a waterless wash process with a zero toxic waste stream.
Fuel produced has a longer shelf life because it has had no exposure to water.
Rapid start up and shut down times with variable process speeds.
Reduces oxidation and cloud point contamination issues typically associated with water wash process.
Eliminates water disposal permits.
Eliminates wastewater treatment system, thus reducing initial cost and reoccurring plant power requirements.
Skid mounted modular design, assembly line fabrication
Deployable in almost any environment.
Small footprint, rapid deployment.
Configurable layout designs, and variable processing rates.
Expandable capability up to the needs of your production demands.
Processor range from 3M to 100M via modular design
Can easily scale your processing capacity to meet your requirements.
Grow your business with lower capital costs
Multi Feedstock
Ability to process wide range of feedstock.
Any feedstock with higher FFA values can be blended w/lower acidic value feedstock.
Economic flexibility regarding feedstock
Blending modules
Ability to process wide range of feedstock with FFA upto 100%
Meets or exceeds American, European and Indian fuel quality standards.
Safe and reliable fuel production, Guaranteed in writing.
Reduced lead-time, quick installation, and rapid start up.
Better ROI, better over all plant efficiency and ease of operation.
Continuous Technical Support.
Professional on site training by ISM Technicians.
On the Job training at working plants
12-month parts and labor warranty
Owners take advantage of the total shared knowledge base from years of biodiesel production experience.
Online system diagnostics with ISM engineering department.

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