• India offers tremendous scope to make products/projects competitively. Manufacturers of renewable energy products/ EPC contractors of renewable energy projects can make in India for their Global requirement or for customers in India. AGEPL will assist in finalizing suppliers for these products.
  • In addition, Users of renewable energy products can also outsource their requirements to AGEPL; such customers will be able to access high quality products, at competitive costs, designed and manufactured by ASME certified companies in India.
  • AGEPL will offer complete solutions to these companies to make in India at competitive costs.


Requirement of renewable energy products/projects is set to grow exponentially in India. We seek partners who want to market in India niche technology and products/ projects in the following renewable energy segments:

  • Biofuels - second generation technologies/projects.
  • Waste to energy - MSW/ Solid waste/ Agricultural residue to electricity.
  • Geothermal energy products/ projects.
  • Upgradation of Biogas to Transporation fuel (BIO CNG)
  • Hydrogen generation plants (electrolysis technology) and fuel cells for industrial applications.
  • Raw Water/Wastewater treatment solutions, including solar desalination plants for rural applications.