Wastewater Treatment

The Solution

Water4All is a Company based in Netherlands, that designs and supplies containerized plants which use a process of electroflocculation combined with ultra and nanofiltration to eliminate harmful pollutants including arsenic, fluoride and others from wastewater. The system can also be designed for treating raw water for reduction of TDS, hardness etc. Our systems are remotely monitored and continuously optimised during the treatment process by our proprietary software. This results in a very high percentage of re-usable water at extremely low operational costs.

Cost benefits

  • Zero or negligible use of chemicals for treatment
  • Very fast treatment process, reducing quantity of water volumes required in overall treatment process. (For example, no sedimentation tanks are required)
  • Extremely low energy consumption
  • Reduced quality issues due to better water quality
  • Saving on water cost due to reuse of water
  • Saving of detergent cost
  • Saving of hardness-treatment cost of external water supply
  • Saving on sludge handling costs due to drier sludge
  • No operator required

The combined ongoing cost savings result in Water4All systems paying for themselves within a very short period of time.

For a case study on solution for wastewater in the textile dyeing industry, click here